Print-on-demand marketing booklets that let you “go green” by doing away with your cumbersome shelf inventory of booklets and brochures. With e-Booklets, a full-color library of personalized planned gift resources is only a mouse-click away.

Unique in the planned giving resources market, this dynamic program provides on-demand access to an electronic library of booklets and presentation pieces. Always up to date, e-Booklets present technical information in an easy-to-read format and stand out with their beautiful full-color design. They can also be personalized with your logo and contact information.


Use them as response booklets, training pieces, presentation tracks, cultivation tools for allied professionals, or leave-behind pieces. And feel good about using only what you need, when you need it—no wasted paper or out-of-date inventory.


Focus on the future with a donor-friendly, easy-to-navigate planned giving website. WebReach is a multi-purpose website designed to keep your mission and planned gifts in front of donors and planned gift prospects.

WebReach from EDS is simple, powerful and purposeful. It is a donor-friendly planned gift marketing and promotion tool accessed from your organization’s website. Its highly professional presentation of the most popular planned gift ideas is designed to motivate website visitors to contact you for more information or to explore philanthropy ideas.


Personalized and updated periodically throughout the year, WebReach is branded, intuitive, and much easier to use than competing programs that bury your donors in hard-to-navigate seas of black type.

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters is a unique library of 30 print-on-demand one-page summaries of various gift planning concepts. Each Conversation Starter acts as a springboard for donors to begin understanding and embracing charitable gift planning that is both personal and satisfying.

In Conversation Starters, simplicity does not equal a basic, dry definition. The succinct explanation of each gift planning concept is supplemented with a mini case study and reinforced with a helpful graphic, making each topic easy to grasp.


This library is designed to open the door to meaningful dialogue. Use Conversation Starters to add value in multiple situations—email to a donor with questions, start off a one-on-one discussion, supplement a presentation or seminar, or provide helpful information to those who support your work.

Allied Professional Program

Be the gift planning pillar for attorneys, accountants, financial planners and advisors associated with your organization. Build relationships with these allied professionals by helping them explore estate and tax planning, trusts, gift annuities, bequests, and more.

In this challenging economy, doing more with less is a concept that’s at the core of all our planned giving and major gift marketing efforts. That is why EDS created e-Techniques: To provide development departments with an allied professional marketing tool that is branded for your organization, easy to administer, and economical.


With e-Techniques, the attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors on your mailing list receive a quarterly email with links to:


  • an in-depth presentation of important planned giving concepts
  • a comprehensive library of gift planning topics
  • sites you personally specify


We notify you when we’ve sent the email. You have a personalized portal that lets you examine activity by email address. This unique electronic marketing system provides vital results at a minimum of cost and effort.

Planned Giving Answers Online

A comprehensive online resource library of planned giving information, including bequests, estate planning, income and estate taxes, charitable remainder trusts, securities, and retirement planning.

Planned Giving Answers Online (PAL) is our planned giving electronic reference library with an easy-to-use design.


Use PAL to educate and train members of your professional development team or as a quick and easy personal reference tool before important one-on-one calls or group presentations. Or use PAL to involve board members, key volunteers, and, most important, allied professionals, who increasingly are the initiators of planned gifts.


The program is easy to navigate and strikes the right balance between technical concepts and the need-to-know fundamentals.

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